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I received your info from your aunt (Felicia) sometime ago and I am impressed with your website. How is your mom ??
Ryan, continued success with your career. Foo's wife, Christy Krawisz's Mom and Mother in law of Johnny Krawisz. You've made everyone proud. I didn't know you ventured out on your own until now, I'll pass it on
Hi Ryan, Just learned of your website, so out of the loop...Loving your voice, writing, music....not to mention those Hollywood good looks. But the sweetest part is your spirit, I've looked into those big brown eyes when you were just a little one....."sweet spirit" that's what I saw. I am sure your fans agree! Love you & your beautiful Mom. Auntie Kim ...(and Jackie)
Hi Ryan, I was thinking about you and found your web site. I'm very happy to see things going so well for you. I just wanted to send greetings from the Burgh. Craig
Hi, I saw and met you at the IPA along with your Mom. Just wanted to let you and your Mom know that you are in my prayers. What a leap you two have taken. I wish you two all the best. Tell Dee Dee to take care. Better days are yet to come. Love and Peace, Suzanne
Hi Ryan, I just have to tell you that you looked great on the View Wednesday (7/13). You sounded great and did a fantastic job! Hi to Mom! Miss seeing you both. Wish you continued success! Love to both of you! Kathy
Good luck Ryan - you are making everyone proud of you. Keep up the good work.
Hello, Ryan... WOW! You certainly were our shining star on "The View." You made quite an impression on the entire viewing and listening audience. How proud we were to be part of that viewing audience as we watched you play and heard you sing! As always, we wish you continued success! Much love, Frank and Renee
Hi Ryan, Thanks to Marv and Karen Raflik for sending me the info about your website. It seems like yesterday when I was featuring the Versa J's CD with your polka hero, Eddie B. I have enjoyed playing all the CD's by the band over the years and still am on Polka Parade here in Milwaukee on the show Melodia Zycia or Pod Nogi for 28 years ( at 10 am CST each Saturday) and have been on polka radio for 37 years. I recall playing the albums featuring your dziadza and nominating your wonderful mom for the IPA female vocalist. Wish you lots of luck. Say hello to your mom. Finally, hope to see you on the view tomorrow. One day, I hope you could go to Zakopane, Poland and sit in with the Gorale musicians. I love the music, having been there eleven times. Hope we do see you in the polka field od czasu do czasu or from time to time. Zdrowia zawsze.
Ryan: So excited for you and your amazing achievements! Thanks for keeping me in the loop of your exciting life and sharing in your Mom's (and whole family) pride! We'll be watching the View! Give my love to your Mom. Sharon (Flanagan) Mustafa
Great job on the Jay Leno Show last night. Will be taping the View next week! CONGRATS and MUCH MORE SUCCESS
Great Leno show... way cool !!!!!
The Shaw family is anxiously awaiting your performance on Jay Leno tonight. We continue to be so proud of you! Love Always, Renee, Frank, Christina, and Jamie
Heard that you peformed with Billy Ray Cyrus. So proud of your musical accomplishments, but just as proud of the man you are! How about adding new pics to your photo section.
Hi Ryan, we met your Mom back in June 09 when we were in N for a wedding. She is a doll and we liked her so much. Hoping to see her next week (we're here 6/5-13)& maybe get to meet you. Looked on your site hoping you would be performing next week? just sent your Mom an email with my cell #.
Seriously..."you move me" done in a Country flavor......have some great pics from 7 Springs I would like to send in disc format
Met your mom today. She was my tour guide in Nashville. I was originally from Monessen PA and we had a nice conversation about the polka days and friends from the area. Congratulations on your success.
great song to open to your page prayers always
Loved the photos!! Great website.
Ryan, Congrats on a great web site. We met your lovely Mom on the Studio B tour last year. She saw me get all emotional over Elvis and that started a conversation. We learned about you and your family, all the talent, your Dad's sad passing, your hopes for Nashville music career, etc. I sent Mom a copy of old movie magazine story of my meeting with Elvis when I was 15!!! We are going to CMA Music Fest for the first (and probably only time!!! heat and allergies!!!) next year. We are looking forward to seeing your Mom and maybe you too. Lots of luck to you. You are multi talented. I'm impressed and we both wish you well in all you want to do. God Bless You. Joy and John De Luca, New Jersey (near Philly)
Love everything I see. You are so special. God bless you in all you do.
Ryan, Keep up the good work and always be faithful to the ethics your family instilled in you.
Love the new web site! And you look GREAT! We are so proud that your dreams are being fulfilled. When we get the house done you will have to come over. Give your MOM a hug from us. Miss you both. Your Dad is just smiling up in heaven on you. Love you all.
I enjoyed seeing you at Seven springs. You were great. I've been trying to get your schedule because I wanted to plan coming to see you on stage.Hope to be able to plan something soon.
New site looks great Ryan. I'm so proud of everything you're doing. Only problem is Nicholas Zachary and I miss you! :) Lots of love and best wishes in everything!
Love the new site...all our best to you, because you are the had to have written " She Misses Him the most on Sundays" about your Mom...brought tears to my eyes, I could picture the two of them.... our love to the both of you...
Keep up the good work! We are so proud of your success.
Ryan, The Love you have for the Lord, your parents, music and others will always lead you on the right path. It's and honor to know such a wonderful person and musician. God Bless you! Rob
Awesome job on the website! Success is not by accident. Talent and hard work will enable your dreams to come true, and it looks like you are well on your way to fulfilling your dreams. Keep up the great work!
One morning you will awake to find that you are the shining star you’ve always dreamed of being, the star we all knew you were destined to be. You are doing what you always wanted to do, simply because you had the courage to believe in your potential and to hold on to your dream. Congratulations Ryan!!!
Great website Ryan I am passing this on!
Congratulations on all of your accomplishments and good luck in all of your future en-devours. Hope that you return to Polkas someday. You done a fabulous job on the Polkas, Waltzes and obereks.
ANd one more thing... don;t make anything of the comment from Carl Simchena and the Minnie Pearl thing... I don;t date dead women or women who where a price tag... just sayin
Dude... the new web-site looks GREAT!!! I'm figurin that the old web-site was the reason my dates with Patty Loveless and Shania never materalized. BUT - with this new site an you as a BFF, I figure I'm a shoe-in for a date with one of them... or maybe both... real soon!!!!! Don't forget to give them my cell number... I'll be waiting by the phone! Thanx!!!!! Sully
Congratulations Little Ryan on your tremendous success. Who knew that little kid would turn out so professional? You have come a long way and deserve your success, enjoy every minute of it. Did I miss something in your bio or did you not mention Eddie B and his influence on your music? I remember you singing with him "If I could be like you" and thought he had some influence in the direction your career took. Just wondering. Barb
I always enjoyed your work with Henny's band and now you are heading for well-deserved stardom in the world of country music. I am sure that you will be headlining your own concert tour in the future. So, best of luck. By the way, Jim Sullivan still wants you to fix him up with a female country singer. Too bad Minnie Pearl is no longer with us.
Hi Ryan; I got to check out your websit tonight and you sure have grown up since the last time we seen each other. You have come a long way from the little boy with the fiddle I bought an ice cream cone for at Sunnybrook Ballroom many years ago. Peace be with you and your Mother. August 3, 2010
Hi Ryan, Just checked out your website. You look great and best of luck to you in your new career. Saw you on the Jay Leno Show. Say hi to your Mom and God Bless...Love and Peace
Great to see you will be at Springs...hopefully looking forward to hearing play that wonderful fiddle!!
It does my heart good to see you grow to be a very successful young man, with even MORE talent that I thought was possible! All the friends you've made over the years are SO proud of you and we've been watching your career flourish. It's satisfying to know you are living your dream. Not many have the opportunity or talent, but you've got it all going for you, honey! May God Bless You Always! I Love you, Ryan! XOXOXOXO from Cathi
Ryan, Just wanted to let you know that all of us in Pittsburgh are so happy and excited for you. Looks like this upcoming year will bring a lot of fun and success to you. Chasing your dream and realizing your potential is AWESOME!!! Enjoy every moment and know that we are very proud of you!!! The Paszkowski Family
looking forward to seeing you perform tonight...continued best wishes in all you do...please win the Entertainer of the Year Award soon...I ain't getting any younger and I want to hear your acceptance speech.....
Hey Ryan, You have come so far from the days of play with mom and day in the early years and singing with Eddie B. If you are ever in Green Bay I would love to meet up with you and meet some of you famous friends. God has given you a lot of talent and I am glad you are using it to please people. I am proud to say I know you, saw you perform may time and maybe some day in the future become friends. Take care Ryan and tell your mom we are sending her LOVE from Wisconsin!
Hey Ryan, We are so excited for you and can not wait to see you on the ACM's. Go Get EM!!! Have a great time!
Hi Ryan, I came came across your website from Butch's facebook account. I am the person that gave you cookies when you were young. It seems like you are well on your way to a successful career. Please accept my best wishes for continued success and please give my best regards to your mom for me. Hank
Traditional Country Music! Thanks for keeping Country Music REAL! Nice Website you all!
Drop us a line we are planning on coming to Nashville.
Hey man! The videos of you with O'Neal are too cool! Good luch this saturday at the Ryman! (I think I have the date's right). Hey, since you haven't been able to hook me up with Patty Lovelace... what are my chances with Jamie? I have a great beat and you can dance with me!
Hi Ryan, Very happy for you.Don't know you and your familly jet. Maybe we are cousins.Great music. Szczere zyczenia !!!!!!!
Ryan, It was great to see you & your mom at Frank's dance,you were really good and still remember how to sing in Polish,that's great. Give my best to your mom. Keep in touch. loretta
We enjoyed the reunion show at the American Legion in Jeanette, PA on Sunday 8/30/09 - you are an impressive musician and we wish you all the best in your new career. My mom worked for your dad years ago and I'm so glad I finally got to meet you and Dee Dee - very special!
hay Ryan best of luck to ya
ryan, hey now, i'm a buddy of dave dombrosky's and a music fan. just checked out your tunes and they sound great. norman nardini
Enjoyed your photos! You live a different life than 'good ol Mckeesport'! Good Luck to you. (This is my sisters email address. If you get a chance out of your 'busy schedule' please drop me a line. Enjoying your CD! Can't wait for the next one! Your friend, Steve Bazala
HI ryan, I remember watching you play as a little kid and we still have the tape of you on Regis and Kathie Lee. Good Luck in all you do! I know your Dad would be proud of you! Jodi Kuzma
Hi Ryan, My husband John and I met your wonderful Mother during our tour at RCA's Studio B in Nashville on June 8. I told your Mom what a huge Elvis fan I am............and a big country music fan too. We had time for a short personal chat and I learned about you and your Dad.........and the move to TN. I felt very drawn to your sweet Mom and I'll be mailing her a copy of a story that was in a movie magazine back in 1960 - telling how my sister and I met Elvis when he was discharged from the Army. It was a huge blizzard and a very sweet story. He was very kind and concerned for us. Your Mom added your website under her mailing address and I just finished reading about you and listening to some music. I am certainly VERY impressed. You are one talented guy. I will now be checking in regularly to see how you're doing. If you ever come to Philly/South Jersey my husband John and I will be there. Lots of luck to you, Ryan. I'm so glad your Mom told us about you. she is very proud. John and I liked her immediately and wished we could have spent some quality time getting to know her more. We wish you good luck in all you do and most especially, good health. God Bless You. Regards from your new "friends" Joy and John De Luca Southampton, NJ
We are so proud of you, Ryan, a great pleasure to have known you since you were a very small boy and grew up to be handsome and talented young man.Hi to mom we miss you both. Love You
Hi Ryan: I knew you would be 'moving and shakin". I'm sooo happy for you. Karen & I always talk about you and mom and can't wait to see you again. Think you'll be coming up to New York? Make sure you let me know & we'll definitely be there to see you. Until then, God Bless and keep you on track. Love ya!
Hey Ryan, Jenny J sent me this link to your page. Wow! I'm so pleased for you for all that you have achieved. Congratulations! May God continue to bless you richly as He guides you on your exciting journey. :)
Hi Ryan I want to thank you for taking time to talk to Delphine and I, It was great to see you preforming with Jamie O-Neal at the Riverside in Laughlin Nev. continued success,and look forward to greater thing's for you.
Hi Ryan, It was great talking with you today! I could hear the smile in your voice. You are definitely living your dream and we are so excited to see your dream come true. Love and God Bless!
Good luck on the road and hopefully you someday wil make an appearance at one of the polka dances to see all of all your Polka Freinds God Bless You
Hi Ryan- We've been thinking of you often. The girls love your CD and play it all the time. Hope you're doing well. Blessings to you!!
Just looked at your photo gallery again... WOW.....loved viewing the pictures and your many oppotunities. Keep up the good work!!! We're so proud of your accoomplishments!
OMG, I can't believe who you shared the stage with on Tuesday night!!! What a huge night that had to be for you. We are so happy and proud of both you and your mom. There are many more good things to come your way. Hang on the ride is just beginning! Love ya both!!!
We are so excited for you and hope this is the beginning of many great things to come. God Bless!
could not stay up until midnight central time to listen to Midnight Jamboree. Almost made it. How did it go?
Hey Ryan! I still want your CD so you need to e-mail me :) Tell your mom I said Hello! Hope all is well and don't be a stranger!
Hello to all ! Greetings From Poland. very Good Page !
Ryan, Is was great to meet you and get to know you. I wish you well in all you do. Keep in touch.
Thanks for replying to my E-Mail.I wish you all the success,and hope your dreams come true. You are very talented.God gave you a great gift and I am happy that you are using it to the fullest.thanks for your great music. Linda and Tom
I'm Planning my next vacation and would love to come to visit your band. Please let me know where you are playing. Miss you at the dances. It's just not the same. Stella
Hi Ryan Im coming to Nashville for the Rob Ikes ResoSummit 2008 Nov 13 to Nov 17 Hope you can come out to the a few shows and jam session. It will be alot of fun ! Keek Pick-In ! Emily
Ryan, Just heard about you and your career. We have been in Nashville many times - love the town - my second choice with Pittsburgh #1. I cannot wait to get back to Nashville. I cannot wait to see you perform. Dan Piesik
Ryan, there are some vids on youtube of the Versa J's with you singing from 95. How far you have gone since then. Congrats!! Brian Canton, Ohio
Ryan So glad you are making it big in Nashville. It's a long way from the Versa J's. Take care and God bless you.
Ryan, What a pleasure to read your web-site. I have not known any performers that have made it big that we could say we have known him since he was born, but it will be a pleasure someday to say that. I know you will do it, but if not you certainly will have a great ride and meet a lot of people. Even without stardom you are a great person and that means more than anything. May God Bless You Always. Please say hello to your Mom. We miss seeing both of you. Take care.
Hi Ryan, We were glad to meet you and your mom while we were in Nashville TN. Maybe we could get together and jam or even record a few songs together. Keep In Touch ! Your Friend Emily
Hi Ryan, everyone asks about you and some folks already know I decided to look at your web page great job on that. Lots of luck to you and your mom. JimB
Happy Belated Birthday, Ryan - ok, I'm only a month and some change late......tell mom we love her (and you too). Jill and Jimmy K
Hey Ryan! Jason from Milwaukee! gonna be in Nashville in September! where ya playing????? email me!
Really enjoyed your Country CD. I have followed you and your family, since the band played at my wedding in 1969 !!I last saw your Grandmother, at the hair dressers,(my good friend Joe-now deceased), and saw your Mom, a few times, after that. Wishing you continued sucess in everything. YOU HAVE MUCH TALENT !! Sincerely, Carol Lofgren (Elizabeth PA)
Hi Ryan, not sure if you remember me from the times you played with NOMaD. Just stopped by to check out your page. Looks like you are doing well!! Glad to see it!
Nice Site!
Hi Ryan and Dee Dee, it was so fun meeting you both this week! You're both so nice, it was great for us to find kind people from back home with friendly faces...and wow, look at this...Ryan, you're famous! Dee Dee, you must be so proud of this boy. God bless you both, we look forward to getting to know you better, hope to hear from you Dee Dee, and good luck with your career Ryan. We think you sound awesome, hon. Take good care of each other, Megan and Joe Bichsel
Hi Ryan and DeeDee... just checkin in again to see how you guys are doin. Hope all is well. lookin forward to catchin up soon. Just so you know... I never did hear from Patty yet. But, I see that Shania finally dumped that bum Mutt Lang - so - can you get me Shania's number? I'm down to my last couple of drops of Hi-Karate aftershave... if this doesn't do the trick, I'm going to have to call out the big guns and try Old Spice again. Do you think she might be on Linked-In? Hope you guys had a great holiday weekend! lunchmeat
Hey Ryan....I totally want something in the mail since I signed up on the e-mail list and put in my address...ha're awesome! Have a good weekend!
Hi Ryan We have heard you play so many time with the Versa J's We are friends of Randy's and Rev Kev It was just great to hear you are continuing to go places with your talent. May God continue to bless you for all your hard work. Hope to get down to see you there some day. I love country too!!!
Hello from McKeesport!! We're so happy for you! You are in our prayers! We hope your mom is doing great, too.
Hi Ryan, We finally got the opportunity to check out your web site and it is just super. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to say hi and we miss ya. We're very happy for you though and we wish you the very best. You and your mom are in our thoughts and prayers every day. Say hi to mom, and God bless always.
The three tracks sound great! Hope you get to enjoy a long and successful journey with your new music. Hope we get the back stage tour next time you're in the tristate NY eastern PA area! And I would like to hear the country version of '...You Move Me'
Hi Ryan, Karen told the whole choir about the radio gig tonight. (Sunday 4-27) Can't wait to listen in! Let's hear more music clips on the web site too.
Wishing you all the best in whatever you choose to do. We think of you often. God Bless and Take Care.
Hey Ryan, I just found your website and it looks great! Good luck with everything!...(we miss you in orchestra with Papa Sid...) Take care and God Bless, Katie :)
Ops, the call letters for Froggy are WOGI at 98.3 fm
Ryan Joseph Fans Our favorite Polish cowboy will be interviewed on Froggy on Sunday 27th between 7 and 8. They'll also be playing some of his music. You can calltheir comment line at 1 866 983 9898 and voice your opinion. This hour will feature hometown performers. You may have to try many times to get through
Every time I listen to your CD I hear more great thimgs that I didn't hear before. That is a sign of truly great music from a truly great musician! Hang in there it will come.
Ryan and Dee Dee, hope you're doing well. The site looks great. Best of luck in all your endeavors in Nashville. I hope our paths cross one day and we get to play together again, polkas of course! All the best.
Hi Ryan how is everything going? We hope you and your mom are doing well. My brother Alex loves the CD and can't stop listeing to it. Jesse likes the song Sweatpant,Alex likes lighting and I like We don't have a prayer. We wish you the best of luck with your new career. Sincerly, Roni,Alex,and Jesse
Hey Ryan, just checkin back - Hope everything is going well with you and your Mom and that you guys are having a great spring! How are things going with my date with Patty Loveless? - have you put in a good word for me yet? I just got a haircut and everything this week so I'm ready. I hope she has my right number. Thanx! Jim
Hi Ryan: Just checked out your website,You're looking great, music is great. Best of luck to you in your career. Say hi to Mom. God Bless.Frank & Carol Pawlowski, Parma, Ohio
Hi Ryan So glad to see your new website. We had a great time on the cruise especially seeing you and your mom. Good Luck in Nashville!!! You are the BEST! Janet and Larry
We like country music and polkas. Can you work a polka into your new country music? We were wondering how you and your mother were doing in Nashville. Thanks to the CPA Newsletter, we found you. Congratulations and keep up the good work. We miss you at Seven Springs, especially the beautiful Polka Mass.
Hi, Good luck in all your endeavors. Tell Mom we said hello. We were in Nashville last year for a Navy reunion and tried to look you gus up. But couldn't locate you. Talked with Uncle Ed O. tonight and he gave us your web site. Take Care Frank and Dolly
So there are great new pictures Keep on playing and passing out that great Music so everyone gets to be inspired through your voice, violin playing not to mention the other instruments! Great and Awesome Sound!! Prayers Rev
Nice new pictures on the site. I especially like the one with you and Vince Gill! Looks like you are having alot of great times in Nashville. Keep up the good work, and enjoy every minute of it! See you soon.
Ryan, Glad to hear your doing so well in Tenn. Keep up the good work and I wish you the best of luck in everything you do. Hope to see you at "Jamboree in the Hills" in the future. Wouldn't it be neat to play a polka on stage? You could probably get away with one, but not anymore than that at the "Hills". Take care and the best of luck to you. Jeff S. Gazdik
Ryan, sometimes dreams are even better than real life. We wish you only the best,cause your dreams will come true. Give your mom a hug and a kiss for us. wWe miss you both at the dances.
Ryan- Great wonderful to see what you have been doing!! We just heard some of your new songs on WWVA in Wheeling, WV...great the lyrics!! We wish you continued one deserves it more! Take care---say hello to your mom for us. Jen and Ricky Pijanowski Buffalo,NY
Just checking in to tell you that we listen to your cd. We are all calling FROGGY requesting your songs.
Hello! Just stopping by to wish you the best and to say that I know that you are well and kicking. Congratulations! Good luck and God bless you into the future. Love to your Mom. sbernice
Hey Ryan, It's good to see you and your web site is great. Everyone here in PA misses you. The Funny Farm is still in full swing. Hope to see you back here sometime.
Hey Ryan, Just saying HI & thinking of your Dad - his birthday today! Hope you and Mom have a blessed Easter! Wesolego Alleluja! :) Love, Sandy, Matt & Brett Lewandowski from Snowy Buffalo (tomorrow is first day of Spring they say!)
Hi Ryan, We just love your new website and your country passion . We loved all the photo's with you and all the various country artists. We received your website from Marv Raflik. We are real good friends with the Raflik family. Tom & Jane Vollmer Mayville, Wis
Hello Ryan, My wife and I met you and your family at the Wisconsin Dells Polka Festival. I believe you know my brother Marv Raflik's family. Congratulations on your success in the music industry. I believe you are an asset to both Polka and Country music. May God bless you.
Great job Ryan
Dear Ryan, I knew when I first saw and heard you at 5 yrs. of age you were one of a kind and someone very special. Wish you all the best God can bestow on you. Sure will miss you at the polka dances, but you have to go where your heart is. Hi to DeeDee and God Bless you both. You have several special angel watching over you. Love, Tootsie Sobolak Arnold, Pa.
congratulations on all of your accomplishments so far!! as part of the funny farm we have watched you grow from a small adorable child to a handsome young man.  may God continue to Bless You with your talents so you may continue to make people happy!! wishing the best to you and your mom.   GOD BLESS
Ryan and DeeDee, Congratulations on a great website. Wishing you both only the best and of course, continued success in country music. We miss you here in McKeesport, PA and at the polka dancces. Keep in touch. GO COUNTRY MUSIC. Be sure to stop at WEDO, White Oak whenever you are back in town. Happy Easter.
Hi!Ryan,I just got your website from Camille a. I'm really excited for the music & pictures are awesome.I want to wish you all the best in your future endovers. Say Hello to your Mom,and give her my best God bless the both of you. keep in touch loreta
Hi!Ryan,I just got your website from Camille a. I'm really excited for the music & pictures are awesome.I want to wish you all the best in your future endovers. Say Hello to your Mom,and give her my best God bless the both of you. keep in touch loreta
When I was on your Caribbean cruise you were going to dance w/me.But didn't. At another of your performances we finally had our dance. I'm an older dancer and you were surprised that i could keep up w/you. You gave me a thumbs up to your buddies. Miss you when we get to see the Versa J's play. Hope to get to Nashville to see you. May God take care of you and I wish you all the best life has to offer because you deserve it.
Hi there Ryan, I don't expect "U" to remember ME.. But I have enjoyed your performing at many many places including My Brother>Polish Bill's Polka Festivals', in Johnstown, PA. I have also enjoyed your Family Band entertaining at Seven Springs, PA.. I have watched "U" grow-up with all the Polka Music.. Ryan, "U" are loved very much, and May GOD BLESS "U" in ALL that "U" DO!!
Ryan, we found out about your website and wanted to wish you all the best. We knew that you could do it! We really like the music. Continued success in all you do. Please say hello to your mom, we love and miss you.
Played the accordion with you years ago at Art & Myrnas house. Just heard your clips of country and western songs and I love the music. I know you have the talent and ability to go far in the music world. I have been country for years and you soulnd like some of the old country stars that I grew up with and love. Keep it up!!
Ryan,From POLKA'S too COUNTRY !!! "YOU COULD DO IT" !!!! LOT'S OF LUCK in your endeaver !!!!! BILL ---
We had just a wonderful time on the cruise with you and your Mom. Look forward to seeing you soon. Maryann & Glenn
Good Luck Ryan. Give your Mom a hug from Joe & I. We are rooting for you.
I knwo that the music is great, inspirational, funny, and just great to listen to because of your talent! I am confident that you will be heard by the right people! Let everyone continue to know of your faith and belief in Prayer and trust in God! Peace Rev Kev
Ryan, Congratulations on everything! I am so happy & excited to hear all of this wonderful news for you! I hope you and your mom are doing well. I'll keep you in my prayers. Good luck! Katie
Uncle Henny told us about your site at the dance yesterday. We are proud of you. God Bless!
Dear Ryan, How wonderful, we knew you could do it. The clipps are awesome and so are the pictures. We miss you and your Mom and I'm sure you think of home a lot. Now is the time for a new chapter in your life and surely it will be a great one. May God continue to Bless You and keep you in his loving care always. Talked to Sister Bernice the other day and I know all the Fiedor family is happy for you also. Love Eleanor and Edziu Grudi
we have really enjoyed seeing you at seven springs. good luck on your new endeavers.
Ryan, Carrie told me about your new Web site. It was such a joy for me to hear your beautiful singing voice once again. Congratulations, so deserve everything that's coming your way. I told Carrie she needs to get to Nashville to see you (maybe this summer). Please tell your mom I think of her often and I still never got her e-mail address from Carrie (she can't find it - that's my Carrie). Take care and God bless both of you. Janet
Ryan and dee dee, My brother Ralph e mailed your info.CONGRATS!!!! All the best to you and your mom.I played several times with your grandfather. HE IS PROUD and so r we.Take care,Gods speed.
Hi Ryan! I finally found your website and I love it. You look great, you sound great, and I miss you! I'm waiting for that CD and praying for your success. Love to you and your mom.
Congratulations Ryan! I have heard you since you were a little boy. I grew up on Polka music (Richie's sister), and as a result I became a country fan. I am very happy for you that you are able to travel a new musical road but also remember the road you traveled to get there. Good Luck, I'm sure Vicki will keep me up to date with what I am sure will be a wonderful career.
Hi Ryan: Natalie DeMichaele sent me your web site. Congratulations on being so successful. Keep up the great work. We miss you at the polka dances, but you need to have a good career. Say "hi" to your mom. Love, Larry & Kay Gonet
Ryan, you have taken your God given talent and mixed it with a lot of hard work, and the result is AMAZING MUSIC!!! You put your heart and sole into this project and it all shines through!! We love you, and now I guess we will have to share you with the "world of country music." Good Luck, Im sure God will take you in the right direction!
Hi Ryan, Great website and music! We wish you much success using your God given talents. May God continue blessing you. Hello to your Mom.
Ryan, congratulations! What a great website. Good luck with everything in nashville, we all know how much you deserve it! say hi to your mom from the whole family! Lori
Hey Ryan! I really like your website and I wish you the best in the future. Rich Biela WWVA/WOVK, Wheeling, WV.
Hi, Ryan! My Ciocia Vicki Zebrowski told me the site was up and running. She's been keeping me in the loop. Congrats on all of your accomplishments thus far. We can't wait to hear more! I hope you're enjoying Nashville as much as I did. :) ~Nicole
Ryan looking good and soundin good.Can I purchase a copy of the CD??????? let me know
Love your website, Ryan! I am so glad to see that you are doing well. I worked with your Mom at Bettis. Please tell her hello for me and keep making beautiful music! God Bless you both!
Ryan, We wish you all the best in your future endeavors. We remember watching you on stage when you were just a little boy playing with the Versa J's. You have grown up to be such a wonderful young man and a very talented musician. I will never forget when you joined Freeze Dried on stage a couple of years ago, and played fiddle on a couple of songs. It was a wonderful musical memory for me that I will never forget. Keep up the great work. We enjoyed the music and pictures. Send our love to Dee-Dee as well. John, Christy, Katie and Hayley Krawisz
Congratulations on your country success! The website is great and your music is even better! Best of luck in your career and future endeavors. Send my best to your mom as well.
Hi Ryan. Congratulations on your many acomplishments.God Bless you & your Mother
Hi Ryan We would like to congratulate you on your musical accomplishments. God Bless you and your mom
Hey Ryan, So glad to see you doing well in your music endeavors (love the clips, and can't wait to hear much, much more). Your family polka band always held a special place in our hearts, and I always saw a shining star in you since you were just a little kid. We miss you here in the Pittsburgh area, and hope to see you sometime soon. Your dad must be so very proud of his boy as he looks down on you from above. God Bless...we love you Ryan & Dee Dee.
Ryan, You are to be commended on your accomplishments. Keep up the good work, I am very proud of you. Tell your mom Dee Dee I said hi. When back home stop in at the station on a Sunday. Polkatively, Frank Powaski 620 KHB - Pittsburgh, PA
Ryan, You have some amazing music on your cd. We are proud of you and wish you the best in all you do. God bless you and Mom.
Hey Ryan, I'm proud of you nephew. You were always destined for stardom. I wish you all the best for the years to come. Keep Christ in your heart and Thank Him always for your talent. You are a decent and handsome guy. Stay that way and know that you are always in my heart.
Ryan: Congrats on all the success you have had so far and best of luck in what is to come. You truly are an inspiration to all of us. May God bless you as you continue to share your talents with the WORLD.
Ryan, Great web site!!! Congrats on your success from a fellow polka family (The Sullivan's - Jim and the gang)
Finally read your web site. This is awesome. You really look sexy in the photos. I'm truly proud of you. See ... patients.... and it works along with prayers. LOVE YOU.....
March 1, 2008 Wow! Ryan we watched you grow up to be a wonderful handsome talented young man.Frank and I enjoyed all the pictures and music. We miss you but happy for you and Mom.Good Luck and God Bless you both.
We are very impressed Ryan, you are very talented! Mary Ellen asked us to take a look at your website and to listen to the songs and we love both. So you already have fans in the UK! Well done!
Always knew you'd go far! Great website...keep working towards your dreams. Our love to you!!
Ryan and Dee Dee, We wish you the best. We think of you often. God Bless.
Congratulations Ryan Joseph! This I am sure is only one of the first steps, for such a talented man like yourself. Your country tunes remind us of the days when you played polkas...With tremendous feeling and from the heart! We look forward to hearig and seeing your future success! All of our best to you and your mom... John and Jennifer Pilch Jr.
Hey Ryan! Wow...what a great website! I love all your pictures. I am really enjoying your CD, thanks so much for sharing your music! You are incredibly talented and you're going to be a big success. Best wishes :-)...
What a pleasure to be able to say we know such a talented musician. May you enjoy many years of success with your music. The cuts we heard are truly great. Can't wait to hear more. Good Luck.
WOW! I have goose bumps! This is so tremendous, & I know you will be a great success. You are a wonderful human being & are already a great success in our eyes!. Love to you and your Mom!
Website is very exciting. Looking forward to seeing your name is lights.
Ryan, Best of luck now and in the future. Your WEB site is just fantastic the tunes are also great. Steve Prejsnar
Glad to see your doing good. Miss ya on the polka stage but you got a great future in music
Ryan, Just a short note. Your website,and your musical clips are great. You will certainly do well. God Bless you and Dee Dee. Please keep in touch. Richie "A"
Hi Ryan We really enjoyed your great photo's and clips. You are an awesome talent. We look forward to coming to Nashville for your Grand Ole Opry debut (we're sure it will be sooner rather than later). We always enjoyed watching/listening to you at the various polka dances, now a broader audience will be able to enjoy you too. May God bless you and your Mom in all that you do. Our best wishes to you both.
Hi Ryan, Awsome website, great songs, beautiful voice, and such a talented musician! You are the best! We are so proud of you. We are packing up for Nashville and we found Frank and we are bringing him too! We are glad you took a stab at it. We love you so much.
Congratulations on a terrific website, and continued best of luck in you musical endeavors. Ryan, you are truly a major talent and inspiration to us all. With the Lord's assistance, I'm certain you will hit the big time!! God bless you and Dee Dee. Jackie, Linda and Jenna Libera
Hi Ryan! Wow!! very impressive website. Nashville is so lucky to have you. No doubt, there are quite a few "stars" in heaven shining down on you. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to hear the whole CD - lots of love from your musician friends at St. Agnes Church!
Congratulations, I am so excited that you are doing so well. God Bless You. You are my Hero!!! Kenny
Hi Ryan, Natalie just wrote and told me about your website. WOW its awesome. Love all the pics. Best of luck to you always. Hello to Dee Dee.
What a great website you've developed, Ryan! First, the clips were excellent because they gave us a taste of your outstanding fiddle work in the country venue and your amazing ability to write and sing, showcasing those beliefs that you hold dear. You must be so busy taking graduate classes and teaching on the side and working, too. You're grandpa and dad always were and continue to be very proud of the way you've used the gifts God has given you.
Ryan, the website looks great and the songs sound amazing. I'm glad to see that everything is going well. Good luck in all of your future endeavors and may all of your dreams come true!
Ryan, What a great site?! Love the songs! You're going places!! Gotta be. Again, I'm in awe of your talent! Hey Miss Dee-Dee, see you guys soon!
Hello Little Ryan and Mom DeeDee, this is my second try at this. The first message is in space some place. congrats and best of luck I am now a country music fan. See you soon Love and friendship Judy
What a great website, Ryan! You look and sound so professional. You are definitely destined for greatness (although you are pretty great already.) Can't wait to go to your first concert!! Hugs and much love to you and your very proud mom. Please say hi to her from me. May God bless and keep you both while you deservedly pursue your dreams.
I have just become a country music fan. Great website some day I will see you on the CMA awards. Little Ryan has become a handsome young man. Say hello to your Mom. I know of some polka people in polka heaven that are proud of you also. God willing will see you and Mom when you come back home for a visil..God Bless and much sucess Love and friendship go to you and DeeDee.
Ryan! I was so excited to see your website and everything that you have been doing. Seems like things are going well :)I'm sure I will be checking back frequently to see what you are up to. Come back and visit us soon. So proud of you!!
Hi Ryan... Wow! What a wonderful way to introduce your SUPER talents to the country world! Can't help but be so excited for you and what awaits. Momma must be beaming with pride! God's Blessings to you! All my love to you and Dee Dee!
Hi Ryan and (Dee Dee)! My mom told me about your website so I've been browsing tonight. I'm so impressed! Such a "mature" voice! But then again you are an adult now. When I left for college in Alabama everyone that was a youngster stayed that way in my mind including my sister, Liz! Y'all can't do this to me because I'm the one really aging! You're doing the right thing Ryan! I bet you never thought pursuing your dream would be so hard but there's just something about music that makes it worth it all! It's obvious you love, live and bleed music! Behind you all the way! You're truly amazing! Susie Gibala McKerley
WOW!!! So excited for you!!! And so proud!!! LOVE the songs and all the pictures!!! Best of luck with everything!
Hey, Nice job on the website. Best of luck.
Ryan: I wish you the best of luck with your career and your life. Take care of Mom. You are a wonderful person. Sto Lat
Ryan, Paul Yosi told me about your web site. Sounds like everything is going well for you. Tell your Mom I said hi.Best of luck to you in fullfilling your musical ambitions.
Listen to the CD during dinner tonight, and Uncle Henny got real emontional upon listening to it. We are praying that God grants you all your wishes and dreams come true. We agree that it sounds GREAT and hope that you get all the recognition that you so well deserve. We LOVE you
Hi Ryan, The website is fabulous! We especially enjoyed the bio, pictures and songs from the CD. You are so talented, we're sure good things will be coming your way. Good luck!
Hey Ryan! So glad to hear all is well in Nashville! I wish you all the best. Polkas miss you but Country loves you! You are awesome. Keep up the good work! Hope to see you sometime at a polka fest!
Hi Ryan, My gosh best of luck with your endeavour in Nashville. Say hello to everyone and God Bless.
Congratulations and Best Wishes. Great Web Site. Songs are GREAT! Can't wait to get the CD. Wishing you the BEST! John Sr.
Album samples sound very professional! I wish you great success. Looking forward to seeing you as you travel--straight ahead--"down country road"!!!
hey Ryan. We've met, but it was a while ago. Just wanted to say two things, 1) Way to go! and 2) your Pappi looks like my old violin teacher! LOL Keep up the awesome work! Your polka fans are behind you 100%
hi ryan whats up love the songs
RJ, We love it! Good luck!
WOW! It wont be long now that the Country Music Fans will know what us Polka Lovers have known for a long time! Ryan, you are a Fantastic Musician and Vocalist not to mention a wonderful person! Best of luck to you and God Bless You now and forever!
Congratulations Ryan. Love the picture. You look fabulous. Love the songs. They are fantastic. Wish you a wonderful career in Country Music. And I still hope you meet up with Carrie Underwood. Love ya. Linda Gibala
The web site is great. Loved all the pics. Tell your Mom "Hi" from The Funny Farm!!Love you both,keep up the good work.
Ryan I loved all the pictures especially since you choose some of the ones 'WE" the neighbors picked! Loved the Photo of you at age 3 with Pappi I remember I watched the Regis Show the morning you were on!!
Ryan! My mom forwarded me your website so I absolutely had to check it out! I'm so glad to hear you're doing well. I hope that Nashville has been everything you hoped it would be. Tell your mom I say hello. Lauren and I definitely miss seeing you guys around!. Good luck with everything!
Ryan! Glad to see you have the page up and running. I'm also glad to hear you're doing so well. I'm so proud of you and wish you all the best. You are an amazing musician and person and you're doing a fine job! Keep it up! xoxo
Nice to hear from you again. Wish you the Very Best, miss you in the polka worlk
You rock! Congratualtions, you're going places, and I'm proud of you! Stephanie
I am so glad to see you are doing well!! Keep up the good work!! The country world has no idea yet of how lucky they are to have you there!! I love the pic with hat!! You're still AWESOME!!! Love to you and Dee Dee! Theresa
Ryan,Outstanding! Love the website. You turned into a fine looking young man, very pruod to see you gone along way(I have pic's of you & my son andrew when you were 6!with my mother Emily).
Success couldn't happen to a better person,Best of everything for you.
Sounds Great and looks great!! Get those Demo's out!
RJ: Congratulations to you and Dee Dee on your way to the truly deserve all the success that is ahead of you!
Dear Ryan, Cannot tell you enough how excited we are for you. Dick emailed me this site and mom's note and you look absolutely great! The songs are terrific! You will be in our thoughts and prayers for the best of things to happen for you. Our love and best wishes to you and your mom - Dick and JoAnne Pillar
Ryan, I've watched you grow, physically and musically since you were a li'l pup. You don't need luck, you're a great, talented musician.
Songs sound great, Ryan! Pictures are awesome too. Thanks for the bio update, we've been wondering how you're doing in Nashville! So very proud that you're following your dream. You're an incredibly talented musician, and wonderful person as well (thanks to the dedicated love and upbringing of your devoted Mom and Dad). God's blessings to you and our very best wishes for good health, happiness, and success. Ralph and Terri Sabatini
Your website is awesome. God has blessed you with such a talent. Love and best wishes to you and your mom. God Bless Debbie
Nice site Ryan! As I've said many times before, you are one of the most talented people in the business. I know you'll do just fine!
RY, I don't know what happened to my earlier message but it's not showin up below. Any way, Poochie and I think every thing is perfect. You da man. Country music is in for a treat. Warm up the engines!
Love your website! Your backyard neighbors!
Hi Ryan, Awesome website!! BEST of Luck to you!!!
We LOVE your website! I remember seeing you on Regis, when you where young. I knew right then, you would do great things ! Cheryl & I wish you the BEST ! Tell your mom we said HI !!
Ryan, Simply awesome!!! Keep pursuing your dreams and using your God-given talents to the fullest.
Hi Ryan, Congratulations on a Great Web Site! Wish you the very best in all of your future endeavors. Regards,
Happy to add my good wishes to those already here. Making music and performing in the studio is what you do. I saw this from the beginning years ago. Now I get to turn from engineer to listener :) Keep the music coming!
Hi Ryan, Congratulations! A job well done and I am not surprised.It is so good to see a young man use the God given talent. Dad is proudly looking down at you with a smile as he always did when you were little. Good luck and God Bless! Keep up the Great Work. Regards to your "Dear Mom"
I'm so glad to see you are following your dreams. I think back of r the time we played together at Amy's wedding and am amazed at how you have grown...esp. as a musician! Lots of luck!!!
we are sooo proud of you & knew you since you were born.... your mom & dad grew up together... lol... i know we both grew up loving polka music, but our love for country music goes far & beyond.... i'm sooo proud of you.......
Ryan was a young man born to be to be a star. Polka music will always have Ryan no matter what music He plays.
Hi Ryan, Congrats on your new endeavors & the web site! You look great! Was showing Brett your pictures and listening to new music! He said you're so lucky to know have met so many famous people! Great job RJ! :) Hope to see you soon! Sandy, Matt & Brett Lewandowski Lancaster, NY
Best of luck! NIce photos and wonderful bio!
you played your violin while my parents walked me down the aisle at my wedding, it could have never been played more professional and memorable for us than any one could have done. By the way it will be coming up on 13 years in Sep, I think you were only around 9 yrs old, you deserve and have worked hard for everything you have accomplished. The very best of wishes to you.
Ryan, Great job. Continued success!
Hi Ryan! Hope all is well with you and your mom. Daria and I really love your pic w/the cowboy hat leaning on the wall.
I love the web site and the music.....sure do miss hearing that fiddle...good luck on your new endeavor...hope to see you and hear you soon.....
Great job Ryan! You are the best! Songs are great and we know that your pap and Dad are up there smiling down and saying what a great guy!
How lucky the world is to enjoy the special talent of such a fine young man!
Ryan... just listened to the clips. Absolutely awesome!!!!! And not surprized in the least... you are going to tear up that town and this business. God Bless and all the luck (which you don;t need in you're case because of your God given talent!!!). Also, in your pictures, that Little Jimmy Dickens doll you're holding up is great! - looks just like 'im! Also, could you fix me up with Patty Loveless? I have a great personality and I work well with people - but according to Butchie I snore... 2 outta 3?
Great site and great music Ryan. keep up the good work!
I'm your Mom's childhood friend from McKeesport!! I wish you so much success!! You're music is so very impressive!!! Best of luck to you Ryan!! I never knew your Dad -but so glad to have had your Mom and Grandma in my life!!
Continued success and best wishes!! Great job, Ryan - we're all so very proud of you!
Congrats on a great website. You're a fine young man, Ryan & a super musician. All of the Best in your future endeavors. Al Meixner (D.U. '71)
Great Website. Good Luck in the future. Roger (New Brass & Happy Louie Band)
It is good to hear fantastic music from a great musician. I can't wait to hear more.
Hi Ryan, Your St. Winifred friends here. Fr. Kevin lets us spend "work time" checking out your site and listening to the music. Great job! Keep it up!